Business SA: Workplace Wellbeing Guide for Small Business


This guide has been developed to support the small business environment, which consists of more than 140,000 small businesses (employing 0 – 19 full time equivalent) in South Australia, equating to about 98 percent of all businesses in the state and more particularly for:

  • The small business owner – you need to think about you. As the airline instruction goes,  you need to “put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others’. This guide is designed to help you build your smartest business strategy, your self-care. It’s not designed to guarantee that you’re going to get work-life balance perfectly right, because let’s be realistic, it’s not always achievable as a small business owner. However, there are mitigation strategies that can improve your work-life balance. 
  • Your small team – you might have one staff member or 18. Either way, once you are no longer a sole trader it is beneficial for you, your staff and your business to create a culture that embraces and supports health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. Health and wellbeing programs are beneficial but they can be overwhelming when creating one. Knowing where to start, what is realistic, what is cost effective and what is achievable, along with everything else that needs to be done is important. This guide is developed to highlight how, as a small business owner, it is possible and achievable for you to integrate health, safety and wellbeing into your business practices.


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