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Whenever the topic of a company’s EAP comes up in conversations with our clients, we’ll often hear comments such as:

  • Our EAP is really under-utilised and no one knows about it
  • It’s not being used to its full potential
  • We’re really underwhelmed with our service provider including the level of communication or reporting to name a few

So how do we overcome some of these challenges, particularly given that untreated mental health conditions result in over 6 million lost working days every year in Australia. And when providing access to confidential support through an EAP, can help employees who need it to seek help, and ultimately contribute towards fostering a mentally healthy workplace.

Plus when done well, can have clear benefits to the organisation’s bottom line, with recent research indicating a 5-10 fold return on investment.

But, to achieve these things, it’s going to take more than a tick-the-box approach.

In this episode with Kash Thomson, Psychologist and Consultant at Yes Psychology, we explore how to gain the most from your EAP, including how to avoid some common mistakes, and tips for choosing a provider that’s going to best meet your needs.

You can watch the video above in its entirety, or use the timestamps (blue and white dots marked in the playbar) to jump ahead to areas of interest:

  1. Introduction to Kash including his 10 years experience leading and evaluating Employee Assistance Programs (1.37mins)
  2. What is an EAP and what role does it play as part of a comprehensive workplace wellness strategy (2.46mins)
  3. How the EAP industry has evolved the past 10 years (4.19mins)
  4. Why EAPs are often underutilised and/or not being used to their potential (7.40mins)
  5. Common mistakes organisations make when it comes to best engaging with and leveraging their EAP provider (13.18mins)
  6. Tips for HR or wellness leaders in choosing a quality EAP provider that suits their needs (16.00mins)
  7. How SMEs can get the best value an EAP and other options available (22.15mins)

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