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Presented by Wolf Kirsten, Co-Founder, Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and Founder, International Health Consulting


“Worldwide, wellness is one of the fastest-growing industries as our focus has shifted to protecting health rather than simply treating disease. This is also evident in the workplace, where health and wellness is booming as organisations aspire to help both their people and their business thrive.”

Join international workplace wellness expert Wolf Kirsten as he highlights current global trends in workplace health promotion focusing on:

– key drivers
– programs
– methods
– technology
– metrics, and
– challenges.

Wolf presents data from the 2018 Buck Global Survey of Workforce Wellbeing Strategies, as well as additional data from local and regional surveys, and discusses the particular growth areas of stress, mental wellbeing and psychosocial risks. He also showcases examples of best practice employers, both large and small, from across the globe, based on the Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Certification benchmarks.

Wolf Kirsten is a social entrepreneur and Founder of International Health Consulting based in Tucson, Arizona and Hamburg, Germany ( His consulting portfolio is truly global, advising companies on health and well-being strategies such as Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Siemens and SAP in many regions of the world. In addition, he has consulted the World Health Organization (WHO) on developing global guidelines for Healthy Workplaces.

Mr. Kirsten is co-founder of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (, which hosts the Global Healthy Workplace Awards each year as well as certifies enterprises as healthy workplaces. He has lectured and published extensively on the global aspects of health promotion and wellness including the book “Global Perspectives in Workplace Health Promotion”. Mr. Kirsten received his Master of Science in Health Promotion Management from American University in Washington, DC. He is a German native and lived many years abroad (United States, England, Brazil and China).


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