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Presented by Katrina Walton, Director/Founder Wellness Designs and special guests Diana Black, Employee Health and Wellbeing Manager, Bupa and Julia Cohen, Director, Health, Safety & Wellbeing, University of Sydney


Having a comprehensive and tailored wellness strategy is great. But it only solves half the problem. Many organisations fail to consider and build their capability inhouse to drive their strategy. Often employee wellness is tacked on to the health and safety or human resource officer’s job description, who typically don’t receive the necessary training or resources. They are left feeling their way in the dark with little guidance. Or organisations simply rely on external providers to keep their wellness strategy running which simply does not work.

You need skilled and capable inhouse personnel – from senior leaders to frontline employees – to action your strategy and be accountable. This is critical for ensuring your strategy delivers its intended results and for embedding a wellness culture in your business.

This webinar will demonstrate why building internal capability is critical for an effective and sustainable wellness strategy. It will feature leading case studies from Bupa and University of Sydney showcasing how they have invested in, and leveraged, their leaders, dedicated wellness personnel and site-based champions as change agents within the business.


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