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'Is menopause the missing life stage in your workplace wellbeing strategy?' Presented by Thea O’Connor, Wellbeing & Productivity Advisor, Speaker, Coach


You may be asking why talk about menopause at work? And why now? Or you may already be convinced that becoming a menopause-friendly workplace will strengthen your gender equality and inclusion ethos, but you may be unsure how to approach it. Well, you’re certainly in the right place. In this webinar, Thea outlines the business, legal, demographic and social responsibility case for addressing menopause in the workplace. Because to quote Thea “It’s time to end the silence about this natural life-stage that 50% of humanity experiences.”

In this webinar, Thea explores:

  • The facts – what is menopause and how does it affect women? The upsides as well as the challenges
  • How menopause affects work and how work-related factors affect menopause
  • What working women say they want – based on published research and Thea’s research with Australian working women
  • Practical first steps for workplaces interested in putting menopause on their agenda


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