We offer consultancy and mentoring packages too

The greatest wealth is health.

~ Virgil

Workplace wellness is a holistic and collaborative effort. Like our personal health, workplace wellness is a work in a progress, something you do each day to reap the rewards of a flourishing workplace. 

Having a workplace that focuses on employee wellness means a happier team environment, more productivity and less absenteeism.

Did you know: Healthy employees are 3x more productive and have 9x less sick leave than unhealthy employees.

That means you pay the same wages, but a more engaged workforce that delivers triple the value for that investment.

And the effects of poor employee health and wellness are long-term and far reaching.

Our purpose at the Wellness Wise™ Academy is to harness the power of having a healthy and thriving workplace.

The key is to be strategic about your approach.

Further support beyond what the Wellness Wise™ Academy training provides may include:

>  Assistance over and above the training to help bring your workplace wellness strategy together.
>  Where your leaders are now convinced of the business imperative for investment and want to develop a formal strategy.
>  Where your key people are now trained but you still need further support or a guiding hand.


Wellness Designs – Consultancy and Speaking

A healthy workforce is key to achieving your business objectives.

Our Wellness Designs consultancy can help you if you need assistance in developing a wellness strategy that is sustainable, strategic and actually works.

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We can also provide professional speaking services. Our Founder and Director Katrina Walton is an accomplished speaker and wellness expert and can speak to your group, team and organisation.

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Mentoring Services

We also offer 1-on-1 mentoring services with one of our expert wellness trainers and associates.

We can work personally with individuals to help develop a business case for senior leaders, review policies, provide career coaching, facilitate a strategic planning session, undertake evaluation of wellness initiatives, or simply serve as a sounding board for your latest wellness idea.

For business owners or service providers, we can help in preparing a proposal for clients, market analysis, product development and marketing plans.

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