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Presented by Katrina Walton, Founder/Director, Wellness Designs and Geoff Pearman, Director, Partners in Change


We know in these uncertain times many business owners and managers are needing to make tough decisions about the future shape of the workforce.

What we also know is how an organisation supports its employees throughout this period, regardless of lifestage, will say a lot about them as an employer and will be remembered.

In this live webinar we’re joined by special guest and Faculty member Geoff Pearman, Director, Partners in Change, a leading expert in the field of age and work. Geoff answers your questions on how to best support older employees, particularly during these uncertain times.

You can watch the video above in its entirety, or use the timestamps (blue and white dots marked in the playbar) to jump ahead to questions of interest:

  1. Concerns about ageism in relation to COVID-19 (4.10mins)
  2. Current issues, challenges and considerations in supporting older workers (11.35mins)
  3. Any evidence that older workers are at a greater risk of losing their job? (14.25mins)
  4. Examples of workplaces that have not stereotyped ageing workers and treated all workers as essential (15.49mins)
  5. Assumption that all older workers want to retire (16.55mins)
  6. Playing devil’s advocate with more potential pandemics in the future, what is the impact for older workers? (19.49mins)
  7. Consulting with older workers (21.37mins)
  8. Targeting wellness initiatives to older workers (23.00mins)
  9. Older workers and technology (25.30mins)
  10. Treating older workers as individuals (29.19mins)
  11. Leading case examples of organisations supporting older workers (32.12mins)


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