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Presented by Katrina Walton, Founder/Director, Wellness Designs and Jo Kitney, Director, Kitney OHS


As we navigate this period of uncertainty, there has certainly never been a more important time to come together as a workplace wellness community, check in with each other, and share current experiences. We will play a critical role both now, and into the future as workplaces renew and evolve following the COVID-19 pandemic. However the reality is – there is no playbook for this – and the best way to learn is from each other.

In this live call we are joined by special guest and Faculty member Jo Kitney, Director, Kitney OHS to discuss how we can best transition to the ‘new normal’ from a health, safety and wellness perspective. We answer questions including:

  • How our members are going in these uncertain times
  • The core focus areas for COVID-19 from a health, safety and wellness perspective (5:48 mins)
  • The risks of COVID-19 to workers and employers obligations (8:15 mins)
  • 5 key areas to consider where a worker may be exposed or present a risk to others (11:56 mins)
  • How a business can monitor controls (20:24 mins)
  • How we can best show up as wellness and safety professionals for our workplaces and clients at this time (29.45 mins)
  • How COVID-19 will change how and where we work and what this means from a workplace health, safety and wellness perspective (35:20 mins)

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