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Presented by Katrina Walton, Director Wellness Designs


Today’s organisations have many challenges including, ageing workforces, high absenteeism rates, low staff morale and engagement to name a few.

Whilst wellness initiatives such as lunchtime yoga classes, standing desks, corporate massage etc. can support employee wellbeing, the reality is that they alone can be just a band-aid over the real issue of workplace wellness, with often hardly any measurable improvement.

Research shows that financial performance increases more than 2.5x when employee health and wellness is encouraged. The problem is that most companies are approaching wellness the wrong way.

In this webinar undertaken in partnership with The Safe Step, Katrina Walton, Founder/Director of Wellness Designs reveals the 6 common mistakes that organisations make, and the six step framework for creating a best-practice and sustainable health and wellness strategy.

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