3 ways to make workplace wellness an easy priority

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

~ Goethe

One of the key principles behind the establishment of the Wellness Designs Academy in 2015 was to build internal capability for organisations to develop an effective, result-oriented workplace wellness strategy – for everyone.

Because relying on external providers to keep your wellness strategy running simply does not work. You need skilled and capable in-house personnel – from senior management to frontline employees – to action your strategy and be accountable.

This is critical for building a culture in which employee wellness ultimately becomes “business as usual”.

‘When management fosters a culture of wellness at all levels, there are greater possibilities for harnessing human energies toward new innovations, more productive collaborations and better partnerships that benefit the organisation as a whole’.

~ Global Wellness Institute, The Future of Wellness at Work (2016)

That is why we have put together three different training packages that cater to all facets of your organisation to help you achieve your wellness goals.

These training programs can be combined to make a potent three-tiered strategy or done individually. And individual mentoring and The Hub is also available to help embed key learnings back in the workplace following the training.


Wellness Designs Leaders

This workshop is specifically tailored to middle management and senior leaders and delves into why they need to be well to lead well, together with how they can serve as catalysts for driving engagement in your strategy and building a culture of wellness. It is ideal for launching your company’s wellness strategy, or as an extension of existing leadership training.

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Wellness Designs Practitioners

This course is designed to educate and inspire individuals to develop a workplace wellness strategy that brings out the best in your people and bottom line. This nationally accredited program is suited to people from all industries and backgrounds with a passion for empowering and transforming workplaces. Following the training, participants have access to 1-on-1 mentoring, networking opportunities and access to an online “Wellness Hub” to help embed key learnings back into the workplace.

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Wellness Designs Champions

This workshop is aimed at producing a network of enthusiastic “Wellness Champions” at the grassroots level of an organisation to provide peer-to-peer education, support and awareness of wellness opportunities available in the organisation. This workshop is ideal for onboarding new champions or as formal training for an existing or revamped Champions’ network.

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