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Wellness Wise™ Champions

Nurturing wellness at a grassroots level.

Investing in the health and wellness of employees results in a ‘win-win scenario’ for both employees and the organisation. However, nothing happens until people participate!

Research and experience suggests that the most successful wellness programs are supported by a network of enthusiastic ‘Wellness Champions’ at the grassroots level. Think of this group as your wellness army in the trenches. They will be responsible for providing peer-to-peer support, increasing awareness of wellness opportunities within the organisation and bolstering participation.

This ½ day workshop is designed to educate and empower nominated employees in their Wellness Champion role, and includes a dedicated toolkit to support champions on the ground.

Key takeaways include:

The three key objectives of the session are to outline:

  • the What, Why and How of workplace wellness
  • the important role Wellness Champions play in supporting the day-to-day wellness of colleagues
  • practical strategies for maximising engagement and overcoming barriers for participation.

The workshop includes:

  • pre-workshop briefing
  • participant Wellness Wise™ Champions toolkit
  • workshop evaluation report
  • optional follow up consultancy services

Minimum 10 and maximum 20 participants per workshop

For established health and wellness programs, the workshop can also serve as a means of garnering feedback and input into future program design. This can either be incorporated into the ½ day workshop or extended to a full day workshop for more in-depth program review and planning.

The session will leave your champions motivated and ready to spread the wellness message.

Wellness Wise™ Champions toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide your department-based ‘Wellness Champions’ with the practical tools and resources to promote health and wellness across your organisation.


  • Wellness Designs eco carry bag
  • Champions workbook
  • Champions ‘superhero’ mask
  • Existing company wellness collateral (e.g. EAP brochure)
  • Community wellness resources (various)

Optional (POA):

  • Champions badge
  • Champions merchandise (e.g. caps, shirts)

    PLUS, we provide the following bonus Recruitment Kit for the organisation to support you in choosing your ideal champions:

    • 7 Step Guide for Building Your Dream Wellness Champions Network
    • Manager Briefing Pack
    • Wellness Wise™ Champions invitation email template
    • Wellness Wise™ Champions graphics tile for company intranet site
    • Sample position description, internal role advertisement and nomination form

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