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Wellness Wise™ Leaders

Be well to lead. Be well to succeed.

Most organisations understand the importance of strong leadership. Research and experience indicates that the wellness of a business is intrinsically linked to a leader’s wellness and state of mind –- positive or negative. Hence, a successful organisation relies on having healthy, resilient and high performing leaders.

In the climb to corporate success, many business leaders:

  • Have lives that are unbalanced
  • Typically face many health risks
  • Neglect their personal wellness and relationships

Furthermore, support by senior leadership is the ‘make or break’ for initiating and sustaining a successful wellness program within an organisation. This means it is even more critical that leaders ‘walk the talk’ and serve as effective wellness role models.

This 1.5 – 2 hour workshop looks at how aligning leadership and wellness at an individual and organisational level, positions an organisation for extraordinary success.

Key takeaways include:

  • why health and wellness is a critical foundation for effective leadership
  • an assessment of personal wellness strengths – emotional, physical, financial, occupational and social; and opportunities for improvement
  • how investing in the health and wellness of employees can positively impact workplace morale, safety, productivity, engagement and ultimately the organisation’s bottom line
  • how senior leaders can leverage their roles to support workplace wellness, drive participation and promote a culture of wellness
  • a practical framework for fostering healthy leaders and workplaces

The workshop includes:

  • pre-workshop briefing
  • participant workbook and/or toolkit
  • workshop evaluation report
  • optional follow up consultancy services

Minimum 10 and maximum 20 participants per workshop

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