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Presented by Sara Pazell, Occupational Advisor: Human Factors & Ergonomics, Viva! Health at Work


“There is a constructive social movement underway and that is to design work for health, well-being, and productivity.”

The term NET POSITIVE refers to the net benefit of our daily interactions and activities that lead to improvement in our capabilities and well-being. When work is designed well – psychologically, socially, and physically –it can serve as prescription for health and well-being. This requires reverse-engineering so that our efforts to focus on the prevention of harm (injury and incident) strives for creation of well-being and and conditioning at work in every imaginable way. Thinking in this human-centred way provides for break-through, innovative work practice and a fiercely competitive business strategy. Ultimately, it’s about making work more human-centred.

This seminar provides you with real-life examples of (human) lifecycle ergonomics – from recruitment and hire to retire and beyond.

This webinar explores:

– Why Total Worker Health® is the cornerstone for well-being strategies that are cost-effective and provide a high return on investment
– Why the NET POSITIVE effect is a guiding principle for workplaces serious about making a difference in the health and well-being of their workforce
– How designing for diversity contributes to these methods
– The different skills, resources, and measures required to advance a project versus a program
– Successful case studies across various industries (white and blue collar)

Leave the webinar inspired to launch an integrated Total Worker Health® program to achieve NET POSITIVE effect in your workplace!

Sara Pazell, Director, Viva! Health at Work, is a work analyst and designer. She advises structural designers (engineers, architects or interior designers), and organisational strategists in methods to provide for the best possible human-centred work conditions. She has recently submitted her PhD research thesis for examination in ‘Good work design: Strategies to embed human-centred design in organisations’, has a masters in business administration, is certified professionally as an ergonomist, and is a registered health care professional (occupational therapist, strength and conditioning coach and yoga instructor).

Ms Pazell is the managing director for Viva! Health at Work, and a contract lecturer at the University of Sunshine Coast and Queensland University of Technology. She is the Asia Pacific managing consultant for Humanscale and represents software that advances good work design: ErgoAnalyst (participative ergonomics and risk management), and SeePilot (immersive technology).

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