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Workplace health starts at the top: how to capture senior management support. Presented by Katrina Walton, Director Wellness Designs


So you’re enthusiastic about workplace health and understand that the workplace has a significant impact on an employee’s health and wellbeing, which in turn, has a major impact on the business itself.

The next step is gaining the support of senior management. Management support is crucial to the success of any workplace health program; however it can often be one of the biggest obstacles.

In this webinar you will learn more about practical and innovative strategies for initiating and sustaining management support for your wellness program.

While Australian business leaders are increasingly recognising that ‘healthy employees = healthy organisations = healthy business performance’, the concept may still need to be ‘sold’ to senior leadership.

Katrina provides an overview and strategies on how to capture senior management support to initiate and drive your wellness efforts.


Visit the HWWA website for a range of free resources, such as policy and planning templates, factsheets, toolbox videos, best practices strategies ideas in regards to health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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